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The Brew Store Noosa was born on a summer's day in 2020. After years of drinking mediocre beers, I decided to learn how to brew my kind of beers under the guidance of some of the Sunshine Coast's best brewer's. Believing there are plenty of you just like me, I decided to drop everything and bring my home beer shack to life for you all to experience. We believe that drinking isn't just about feeding your body. It's about nourishing the soul, too. And life is too short for mediocre beverages. We help to make your home brew satisfy your entire being (and ya mates too). Crispy, savory, sweet, juicy, satisfying. Whatever your palette, we are to help. Providing high-quality ingredients, state of the art equipment, delicious recipes, some helpful advice and lots of TLC. The Brew Store Noosa is your one stop shop for all your home brewing needs.

Thank you to all my loyal and great customers. You have helped me bring to life my passion of home brewing. It is my goal to inspire you to be happy, successful brewers.

Scott Hooper

We are now OPEN!

The Brew Store Noosa has a huge range of home brewing ingredients and equipment

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  • High Gravity Beer

    Getting the final gravity spot on for the next stage

    Unique Aroma

    Take the time to stop and smell the hops.

  • Flavor and Mouthfeel

    Enjoying that first burst of brew

    Perfect Pairing

    Matching the ingredients for that unique brew

  • Proper Technique

    Keep it clean. Sanitise for piece of mind

    Spontaneous Fermentation

    Yeast and bacteria + liquid

Come in and visit us to talk shop at our shop! Its all here and there is nothing more then we love to talk about home brewing!

The Brew Store Noosa stocks all your favourite brands and accessories.

Joyful moments with every sip you take.
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