FermZilla 60L All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit KB03649

his particular kit is a one-click option for those who want to be able to brew under pressure with a 60L All Rounder FermZilla.

This brewing kit has been put together by those who want all the benefits of an affordable pressurisable fermentation/transfer vessel, but don't want the extended cleaning times that one would normally do with a Conical FermZilla. That isn't to say that this is better than the others, it is simply the best All Round solution for one with a busy life schedule who also wants to brew the absolute best that they can.

This is a very good starting point for those who are just getting into pressurisable fermenters and want to know what we would recommend to use with them. Pressure fermentation opens up a world of possibilites for the homebrewer wanting to take their beers to the next level. If you are kegging then the ability to do a closed pressure transfer straight into a keg is worth the cost of entry!

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