BrewZilla 65L Brewing System with pump 3500w KL04763

The All In One Brewery alternative with re-circulation pump as standard now even bigger and better than ever.

Are you looking for an awesome single vessel brewery to do double batches?  The BrewZilla is the answer.

This brewery is the next generation of Robobrew units and its been made with various improvements to electronics, components, handle design and many other aspects.

Triple Concealed Element Control (2000w & 1000w & 500w) with step timing and delay start feature.

Q. Can I use this to brew single batches?

A. Yes absolutely.  This brewery has been designed to brew double batches but it also works great on single batches too.  In many respects it's even better than a smaller brewery for single batches as you have more power so you have less heat up time and it's also nice to have the additional head space in the brewery that further reduces the chanceof boil overs.  In addition to that with a much larger diameter malt pipe you get a grain bed that is not as deep and this also helps get higher flow through the grain bed.  This means you are less likely to get stuck sparges and you can more quickly ramp up the mash temp.  So in short, yes it's a great option for single batch brews.

Q. Can I use this on a standard 10amp power socket in my house?
A. Out of the box this unit needs to be manufactured with a 15amp power socket.  With that said you can conver this to a 10amp compatible device with something like this:
If you do this you will be able to run the Digiboil however if you turn on all three elements you will trip the circuit breaker.  For this reason you will only be able to use a maximum of 2 of the elements. (not all three)
So yes you can run this device on a 10amp power socket however only if you are happy to have less power as a result.

This very capable 15amp brewery has over 3kw of power so you can get up to boil in no time.

Ultra Low Watt Density 
This brewery has been made with ultra low watt density elements.  This means less caramelisation and also makes this brewery capable of producing very light beers with very little maillard effect.  This is also particularly good with high gravity beers or barley lines that can sometimes get some degree of scortching in other breweries with higher watt density.  The lower watt density also means the elements are much easier to clean.

Easy to Use
This is the easiest 65L brewery on the market and it's dead simple to use.  Even if you have never all grain brewed before you will pick it up in no time with this fantastic single vessel brewery.

Easy to Clean
Cleaning is one of the worst parts about all grain brewing but single vessle breweries like this minimise this pain and make it fast to clean up.

Lets face it, we could all do with more storage space.  This single vessel brewery packs up into a box that is 60cm x 60cm x 85cm tall so it only takes up a small space in your garage.  You wont find a more compact brewery of this brewing capacity anywhere else.

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