0.5 Micron Stainless Steel Diffusion Stone/Air Stone KL02066

This 0.5 micron diffusion stone can also be attached to the end of your “gas in” on your keg with 50cm of tubing to rapidly speed up carbonation. Due to the incredibly small bubbles created by the stone, they are more readily saturated into the beer.
Ideal for pure oxygenation as well!

Please Note:
Do not touch the stone with your bare naked fingers! The oils in your skin will clog the tiny pores. Please handle with gloves.

Clogged Stone?
The best method for unclogging a stone is to pump CO2 at about 1-2psi  through the stone and use an electric kettle to boil the stone for atleast 5 minutes. Then store in a ziplock bag until next use. 
If that is not an option we recommend using some StellarSan sanitiser to remove bacteria from the outside and can help unclog the stone.

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