Hops Motueka 12g A/A 7.3% NZ

Motueka (B Saaz) hop pellets  A/A7.3%

An absolutely unique Saaz like flavour with it's own distinctive citrus twist.
Pedigree triploid aroma type bred by crossing 1/3 Saaz and 2/3 New Zealand breeding selection at the New Zealand HortResearch Riwaka Hop Research Centre. Released in 1997.

General Description This recently developed triploid variety is referred to as “B” Saaz , after a prominent Belgian brewery took a liking to it when doing brew trials. It has made a name for itself as a triploid substitute for the traditional Saaz Saaz, with a New Zealand twist. An absolutely unique Saaz like flavour has made this hop very sought after by brewers, both large and small. This new hop variety with high Farnasene imparts a distinctive citrus aroma in several beer styles. A craft brewers favourite.

Beer Styles - Lagers, Bitters, Bocks, Sweet Porters.

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